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Accompanied by a Kapyong and Maryang San veteran, Joe Vezgoff, I attended the opening of Kapyong Lines in Townsville on 24 April, followed by a Ceremonial Beating of Retreat and a recital by the Townsville Orchestra and 1 RAR Band, which included a rendition of the 1812 Overture complete with guns from 4 Field Regiment who also held ground during the parade.


Colonel Don Beard, the RMO at Kapyong, affixed the streamer of the US Presidential Citation and Joe Vezgoff read the Citation.


Several ex-Commanding Officers were present including Brigadier Jim Shelton, Colonel Wade Stothard, Roger Tiller and myself.


As you would expect the parade was of a high standard. The 1 RAR Band provided the music for the parade which was reviewed by the Brigade Commander Brigadier Shane Caughey.


I am pleased to report that the Battalion appears to be in very good shape. They seem to have settled quickly into Townsville life and are enjoying the tropics. They are of course looking forward to their upcoming deployment.


It was an honour to be able to join them for their first Kapyong Day parade in Townsville.


Duty First


Hori Howard


  1. Lynne Ryan says

    remembering my husbands uncle(Maurice Ryan ) also he was at Kapyong..Gavin Ryan ..

  2. D. Moyle says

    I spent 5 and a half years with Charlie Company ” Hagars Horribles ” 3 RAR and I must say they were the best days of my life , to serving and served ” We are a pack of b……. “.

  3. Kel Ryan says

    The Beating the Retreat for some reason is always an emotional experience for me, the music, the band and above all the Battalion on parade – great stuff. Hope we never lose the opportunity to perform such a ceremony. The Third of Foot will be a great addition to the Army of the North. Thanks Hori

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