“Old Faithful” Departure from Holsworthy

Hi Friends,

Just a short note to advise that 3 RAR held a small ceremony and morning tea at Holsworthy yesterday (30 November), to mark their departure after 28 years, and to honour those members of “Old Faithful” who died during this period. The memorial, consisting of an impressive metal eagle, the emblem of airborne forces, was unveiled.  As most will know, 3 RAR is moving to Townsville. A good number of ex-members  turned out including Joe Vezgoff and several other Kapyong veterans. The following former Commanding Officers also attended. Brigadier Jim Shelton, Major General Peter Phillips. Lieutenant Colonel Roger Tiller, Colonel Wade Stothart and myself.  The Commanding Officer of 3 RAR,  Lieutenant Colonel Trent Scott, invited all veterans to join the Battalion for the first Kapyong Day parade in Townsville on 24 April 2012.  3 RAR is expected to deploy to Afghanistan during 2012.

Duty First

Hori Howard

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