RCB Doc 7. Letter to CDF

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13 Beatty Street, LINDEN PARK SA 5065

General DJ Hurley AC, DSC

Chief of the Defence Force

R1-5-B CDF Suite

Department of Defence

Canberra ACT 2600

Mr Pat Clarke

Director Honours

Directorate of Honours and Awards


205 Anketell Street


ACT 2900

Dear Gentlemen,

FOI Report VCDF/OUT/2010/492 Submission to the Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal (DHAT) Inquiry into the Recognition of Members of Rifle Company Butterworth for Service in Malaysia between 1970 and 1989 dated 23 June 2010.

Reference A: The above report.

Reference B: DHAT Report of the Inquiry into recognition for members of Rifle Company Butterworth for service in Malaysia between 1970 and 1989.

[Download the full document by clicking here]


  1. Glen Palmer says


    I have just reviewed all the BAB correspondence and must commend you on some very well researched, collated and presented evidence supporting our claim for AASM recognition. One hell of a good job and it’s no wonder defence is reviewing the situation. I grinned at the reference to drop bears and thought the comparisson of piquets with pick handles and loaded weapons with ROE was great. Although we have never met, I will remember never to piss you off. A top job Sir.


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