RCB Doc 10. DHAD Letter in Response to Letter to the CDF


13 Beatty Street, LINDEN PARK SA 5065

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Mr. Pat Clarke

Director Honours

Directorate of Honours and Awards


205 Anketell Street

Tuggeranong ACT 2900

Dear Mr. Clarke

DHAD Letter in Response to Letter to the CDF dated 6 September 2011

Thank you for your letter in response on behalf of the CDF in regard to my letter on medallic issues and RCB. Your response raised some interesting questions which if I may put to you which only require a YES/NO answer.

Q1. In the paper Why Service by Members of the RAR are being Discriminated Against by the Australian Honours and Awards System which you noted but did not signify if any action was being considered by DHAD or another Branch within DOD. Particularly the two simple cases of  Operation Morrisdance and the Tonga element of Operation Quick Step are they going to be considered for medallic recognition?

You also in the second part of your letter you made reference to a current review of Rifle Company Butterworth being conducted by Defence. I assume because of your position you will be involved in this review.

Q2. Do you acknowledge the evidence contained in my letter to the CDF in relation to the history of RCB?

Q3. Will the documentation I have sent to the CDF be forwarded to the Review Team?

Q4. Are interested parties allowed to make submissions or give evidence to the Review Team?

Q5. Will future NOS submissions on RCB reflect the evidence I have provided to you and the CDF?

Q6. I am told the pack of evidence was supplied to DHAD with the RCB Supporters Group submission in 2006, but if it has been misplaced I am happy to provide copies to you.

Lastly I am visiting Canberra on the 1st and 2nd of November in my role on The Emerging Issues Forum and remembering it is Melbourne Cup Day I wonder if I may call on you for 1 hour to discuss issues of mutual interest say at 1100 hrs in your office.

I look forward to your reply

LtCol M Dennis, MBE (Rtd)                                          30 Sep 2011

RAR C Investigating Officer

Attached: Brief Summary of RCB Issues with Statutory Declarations and Map of Incident Locations.

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