RCB Doc 11. CDF Medal Policy

Minute from the Office of the Chief of the Defence Force

C.A. Barrie

Admiral, RAN

2 Jan 01

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  1. Mark Weinert says

    I was deployed to Rifle company Butterworth in 1986 from June -August. I was with 2/4 RAR in bravo company,six platoon. During this time I was on duty with the Quick Response Force on the airbase. I believe it was in July sometime that we were told to deploy to key point 21.This was communicated to us by Platoon Sgt. Helmrich. We had a locked box containing live ammunition, this was unlocked and the ammunition handed out to all of us. We then boarded the truck that took us to the key point. A perimeter cordon was set up and the building searched. Nothing was found at this time. As I stated before, all soldiers were issued live ammunition.

  2. Kevin Egan says

    Firstly i was going to sit back and say nothing, but then i got angry at some of the comments made by the DHATT in it’s final recommendations to the Government in not awarding AASM to RCB.I served with Support Company Assault Pioneers First Battalion, We did our tour fron Feb-May 1980. Before deploying we trained in crowd control, urban warfare, jungle warfare(we were already doing this type at Tully) check points,etc ,doing everything to prepare us. Before deploying we learnt our ROE to the letter and we were told in no uncertain way that we are going to be serving in an ” Active War Zone” as the Malaysians were fighting the communists terrorists. i also remember seeing a local on my very first day being led by alittle boy with a bamboo pole approx 4-5 ft long, this local had no face only a big hole. Also we built a Lz Dz for the malaysian Government on an Ilsand called Landkowi . It had no civilians and before going we were briefed on different aspects that we could encounter Pirates and C.T’s. we were issued live rounds not many per soldier approx 5 each, but we also had TNT, PE,chainsaws we had everything to build thlis lZ DZ.Did we stand to and stand down YES, did we have sentry duty at night YES. There was a risk that someone could be injured YES. I remember the little kids begging on the streets but i also remember some of thes kid being deformed not by natural ways but by there parents tying there legs, arms in a way to deform them, how do i know this because some of these kids still had the wire or rope on them.So to the DHAAT who say it was no different to serving in Australia on a Peacetime Role what a load of crap. As all soldiers who served with RCB we all knew our Primary Role was to Protect Air Base Butterworth and Australian Assests (RAAF,Families,Assests) from the CT’s, we also knew our ROE’s(you do not get ROE’s in Peacetime Australia) So with this i wish the RCB Review Board all the best.

  3. hi, I served at RCB with DELTA COY 2/4 RAR in 1982 , my question is if we were not asked for asistance by the Malay Govenment why did the Malay’s pay us on our off pay week and why did we have to volunteer.If my memory serves me correctly we could opt out.

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