Ian Stenlake, the lead actor in the popular Sea Patrol TV series, has come out fighting in support of a fair system for military retirement pensions.

Ian has said through the role he played, he had come to know some remarkable people who s

erved in the Australian Defence Force, but was surprised to learn

how poorly the “hard working Australians who have served their nation” have been treated in their retirement in terms of their superannuation pension

and super payments.

“The pension isn’t even adjusted to keep pace with the real cost of living,” Stenlake said.

“These military pensions have fallen behind in value for the past 20 years because of inadequate adjustments for cost of living increases”.

“How fair is that?” he asks?  “Australia’s retired military veterans want a Fair Go.”

Ian is supporting the Fair Go! Campaign, which calls for the fair indexation of military superannuation pe

nsions, by using the same percentage increase that applies to the Age pension.

David Jamison, National President of the Defence Force Welfare Association and spokesperson for the
Alliance of Defence Service Organisations, welcomes Ian’s involvement as sees it as a subtle, but significant step in the campaign. “There is no doubt that our case for fair indexation is resonating with the general pu

blic and Ian’s willingness to publicly support it reflects this”.

“The Government and the Opposition should be in no doubt that our Campaign is continuing and it will only ramp up in the coming months” he said.

“We won’t go away until this fundamental wrong is righted” he concluded.


  1. Tony Green says

    Thanks Ian,
    It’s great to see a person such as yourself getting behind us.

    Kind Regards from A Vietnam Vet
    Tony Green

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