Sergeant Todd Matthew Langley



 Our condolences to Reigan and their children



to parents Val and Neville Langley.



The RAR Family

A Warrior’s Farewell

Go now and travel beyond the void
Seek the green column and when you meet
See once more those smiling faces
Hear again laughter and sounds of marching feet

No more the visions of the bloody past
Gone are the nightmares and lingering pain
Soon you will be home at long, long last
United with fallen comrades once again

And when the final roll is called
Another page of history complete
You will rest with brave spirits such as they
In a camp where you will find restful sleep

Go swiftly now and seek your past
Your duty done for all to tell
With pride of who and what you were
And now we bid you a fond farewell

(George Mansford – December 2007)


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