Australian troops uncover 16 weapon caches in Afghanistan

May 19, 2010 3:41PM

AUSTRALIAN and Afghan troops have uncovered 16 caches of insurgents weapons, ammunition, explosives and bomb making components in one five-day period, taking their haul to 55 caches so far this month.

Commander of the Mentoring Task Force (MTF1) Lieutenant Colonel Jason Blain said that these finds had considerably reduced insurgent capability in Oruzgan province.

The 16 caches were located by MTF1 and Afghan National Army soldiers earlier this month while conducting foot operations in unspecified populated areas of the province.

Recent joint operations have concentrated on the Baluchi, Chora and Mirabad areas.

The five day haul included six AK-47 assault rifles, a .303 rifle, 60mm mortar tube, about 45kg of explosive powder including ammonium nitrate, 20 rocket propelled grenades, plus thousands of rounds of assault rifle and machine gun ammunition, two mortar rounds, binoculars and two hand-held radios.

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