This Part provides sources which address these ancillary areas. Equipment includes weapons and vehicles used by RAR units. Researchers are encourage to seek additional coverage contained in many other Parts of this Bibliography. Official Army training pamphlets are not included in this Part.




ARMY HEADQUARTERS – Ceremonial Manual Volume 2

Defence Publishing Services, Canberra, 1999

DPS: 32912/99

1st Edition.

Army’s prime official resource for embellishments.


BAKER, J.A. (Shorty) – Honours and Awards presented to Members

Serving with 2nd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 1945-1995

2nd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment Association Inc, Townsville, 1997

ISBN: 0646316656

Index; 47 pages.

See the title.


BLACKWELL, Philip – Australian Army Unit Colour Patches 1987-2008

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus, VIC, 2008

ISBN: 0957828004 (9780957828001)

Index; 98 pages.

The colour patch was born of the chaos of World War I and quickly

acquired a life of its own as a rallying point, a ready identifier of a soldier’s

unit. This book covers such patches from pre-federation days to 2008.


COSSUM, J. K. – Australian Army Badges: A Collector’s Reference Guide Part 3 1948-1985

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, Holbrook NSW, 1985

ISBN: 0949530050 (1985)

56 pages.

Depicts badges both metal and cloth including those worn by the RAR. First editions.


COSSUM, J. K. – Australian Army Badges: A Collector’s Reference Guide Part 3 1948-1985

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, Holbrook NSW, 1985

ISBN: 0949530131 (new edition 1994)

56 pages.

Second Edition which updates the depiction of badges both metal and cloth including those worn by the RAR.


COSSUM, J.K. – Australian Army Badges: Cloth Insignia of the Army in

Australia, 1860-1993

J.K. Cossum, Sandy Bay Australia, 1997

ISBN: 0949953014X

124 pages.

Cloth insignia worn in Australia from the first Colonial volunteers of the 1860s

to the present day Australian Army; includes some unofficial unit badges.


FESTBERG, Alfred N – The Lineage of the Australian Army

Allara Publishing, Melbourne, 1972

ISBN: 085887024X

118 pages.

Provides the lineage history of the battalions of the RAR up to 1972.


GILLETT, Ross (Editor) – Australia’s Armed Forces

(Contributors – ALSOP Brian, GILLETT Ross,


Nautical Press & Publications, Australia, 1981

ISBN: 0949756016

332 pages.

Contains detailed information on and photographs of the arms,

equipment of the Corps and Regiments in existence in the 1970s

and 1980s.


GILLETT, Ross (Editor) – Australia’s Armed Forces of the Eighties

Child & Henry, Australia, 1986

ISBN: 0867770813 0867770813 / 9780867770810

158 pages, index, bibliography

Contains detailed information and photographs on the arms, equipment and Corps and Regiments in service in the 1970s and 1980s. Revised and updated edition.


GLYDE, Keith – Distinguishing Colour Patches of

The Australian Military Forces 1915-1951: A Reference Guide

Thai Watana Punich Press, Bangkok, 1999

ISBN: 06460366408

Index, bibliography, 68 pages of colour plates of colour patches,

254 pages.

Contains the colour patches of the original battalions of the RAR

and formation signs of the BCOF within which the RAR battalions were born.


GREBERT, Rick – The Significance of Ribbon Colours on Medals

worn since 1815 by Australians

Landers Publishing, Dural NSW, 2007

ISBN: 1876713186

Index, bibliography,136 pages.

A useful explanation on what we always wanted to know but were

never game to ask about the purpose and value of service medal ribbons.


GREBERT, Rick – The Australia Army Slouch Hat and Rising Sun Badge

The New South Wales Military History Society Inc, Mosman, 2002

ISBN: 0909458235

Index, bibliography; 140 pages.

Although the RAR is not mentioned it is after all the history of the primary headgear worn by the RAR.


JOHNSON, Clive –Medals Decorations & Awards to Australians 1815 to 2007

Renniks, 2008

ISBN: 9780975224571

Index; 359 pages.

Reference book with hard cover; contains over 400 pages in full colour.

This book is essential for historians, military research and medal collectors.


KIRKLAND, Frederick – Sometimes Forgotten

Plaza Historical Service, Cremorne NSW, 1990

ISBN: 0958749108

Bibliography, 238 pages.

A record of those of Australia’s Military Forces (RAN, ARMY, RAAF) who died

and those who were decorated in Vietnam, Malay Peninsula, Korea, BCOF,

United Nations, HMAS Voyager, RMC Duntroon.


LAFFIN, John – The Australian Army at War 1899-1975

Osprey Publishing, London, 1982

ISBN: 0850454182

40 pages.

Illustrations of uniforms, arms and equipment of the Army, including the RAR from its formation until the mid-70s. Osprey Men-at-Arms Series 123.


LINWOOD, Russell – Shoot to Win: The First Ten Years

Australian Army Rifle Association, Brisbane, 1993


A detailed history of the Australian Army Rifle Association including the creation and conduct of the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM). Contains all records of AARA competitions and AASAM for the period 1993-2003, and features all battalions through competitors, regimental trophies and members of AARA, many of which were members of AARA.


MACKINLAY, Gordon. A – True Courage: The Distinguished Conduct

Medal to Australians 1939-1972

James Stedman Books and Militaria, Sydney, 1992

ISBN: 0646111795

Illustrations; 116 pages.

Includes RAR personnel from Korea and South Vietnam. The citations are

from the London Gazette.


MATON, Michael – The Military Cross to Australians

The Author, St Ives, 2004

ISBN: 0958560080

Index; 805 pages.

Lists all Australians who received the Military Cross during WWI, WWII, the

Korean War, Malaya and Borneo and the Vietnam War.


NEVILLE, Leigh – Modern Snipers

Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2016

ISBN: 978 1 4728 1534 7

Index, reference notes; 304 pages.

A multi-national coverage of Coalition snipers which includes references to Australian RAR and Special Forces snipers, and also photographs of known RAR snipers in Iraq (SECDET) and Afghanistan. Almost all, possibly all, RAR deployments included snipers in both wars.


STRONGE, Charles Kill Shot: The deadliest snipers of all time

Ulysses Press, Berkeley California, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-56975-862-5

Index, Bibliography; 192 pages.

A general history of sniping. Mentions and contains a photo each of 4 RAR (Commando) and SECDET snipers in Afghanistan and Iraq respectively in Chapter 5.


WAHLERT, Glenn and LINWOOD, Russell – One Shot Kills: A History of Australian Army Sniping

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-922132-65-9

Bibliography, Index, extensively illustrated, 236 pages.

A longitudinal history of sniping in the Australian Army, with a preliminary chapter to provide a background to sniping as an extremely deadly component of warfare. Eight chapters step the reader through the wars and other deployments during which Australians have engaged with different sniping systems, with the inter-war years also covered. The future of sniping is addressed, and formal evidence is presented to support the assertion of the longest confirmed sniping kill in the world. RAR, SASR and commando snipers are covered. Current Australian sniper skills badges included.



WIGMORE, Lionel – They Dared Mightily

1st Edition: AWM, Canberra, 1963

2nd Edition: AWM, Canberra, 1986

ISBN: 0 642 99471 4

Index, pages different.

Both list the 96 Australian Victoria Cross recipients at the time of publication. Second Edition is revised and condensed by Jeff Williams and Anthony Staunton, with three RAR recipients included. Each recipient’s action that led to the award are provided.



JAPAN & KOREA 1946-53


BULOW, Kerry (Compiler) – Foreign Awards to Australia from WWI to

the Korean War

Self-published, Hampton Park VIC, 2000

ISBN: 0646368656

Bibliography; 115 pages.

A section on each Service for the Korean War including foreign awards to

civilians and military personnel from 1950 to 1973. Only 100 copies printed.


PEARS, Maurie – Battlefield Korea: The Korean Battle Honours of the Royal Australian Regiment 1950-1953

Australian Military History Publications, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: 978 0 9803796 0 0

Index, bibliography, 129 pages.

Hard cover book containing regimental battle honours for the Korean War, and also Imperial and US awards made to RAR members; includes unit citations.


PEARS, Maurie – Battlefield Korea: The Korean Battle Honours of the Royal Australian Regiment 1950-1953 (Special Commemorative – 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice – 27 July 1953

Queensland Korean War Memorial Committee, Gold Coast, 2013

ISBN: 978 0 9803796 0 0

Index, bibliography, 129 pages.

Soft cover reprint of 2007 book, including a logo and other cosmetic changes.


 PEARS, Maurie – The Queensland Korea War Memorial – Australia

Self-published, Isle of Capri QLD, 2015

ISBN: 978-0-958-1-1

Profusely illustrated in colour; 86 pages.

A pictorial commemoration booklet covering the creation and ceremonial opening of a memorial in Queensland. Includes a Roll of Honour; primarily RAR members.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)



SCURR, John – The Malayan Campaign 1948-60

Osprey Publishing, London, 1982

Osprey Men-at-Arms Series 132

ISBN: 085045476X

40 pages.

Primarily about uniforms and equipment of those who served in the

Malayan Campaign, including those of the RAR. Major incidents and personalities also feature.



STACKER, Herbert A – Honours and Awards to Members of the First Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment Korea 1952-1953

Fast Books, Glebe NSW, 1994

ISBN: 0 64621773 9

Photographs and images, no index; 80 pages.

Lists awards made to 1 RAR in Korea, including errata correcting inserts in the 200 limited issue publication. Contains supporting citations for most awards. 1953 Coronation Medals and foreign awards are included. Author served with the unit in Korea.

VIETNAM 1962-75



Anonymous – Western Australian Vietnam Veterans Flag Presentation 2 Oct 1988

Presentation Committee, Perth, 1988

ISBN: Not known


Not a unit history but has photographic Honour Roll of all Western Australians

killed in South Vietnam, with dates.


Anonymous – Western Australian Vietnam Memorial Pavilion Dedication Ceremony- King’s Park, 1 October 1989

Trustees of the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion, Perth, 1989

ISBN: Not known


Not a unit history but has photographs, Honour Roll including units of 61

Western Australian members killed in South Vietnam.


BARNES, I.L. – Gallant and Distinguished Service Vietnam 1962-1973

Military Historical Society of Australia, Canberra, 1974

ISBN 0909859094 and 0909859108(paperback)

Illustrations;154 pages.

Essentially an honours and awards list for South Vietnam including foreign

awards and unit citations to Australians. Includes many RAR members.


LYLES, Kevin – Vietnam Anzacs: Australian & New Zealand Troops in

Vietnam 1962-72

Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2004

ISBN: 9781841767024 & 1841767026

Index, illustrations, reference bibliography; 65 pages.

Covers the decade of Australian involvement in the war with an emphasis on personal arms, equipment and badges in use at the time, including by RAR members.


PALMER, Alexander M – Vietnam Veterans: a record of service

Self-published, Perth, 1995

ISBN: 0646225871

Index, bibliography; 313 pages.

Covers the Vietnam War 1962-1975 listing operations in a chronology; also medals and other military decorations.


PALMER, Alexander M – Vietnam Veterans Honours & Awards Army

Military Minded, Mossman Park, WA, 1995

ISBN 0646239783

Index; 302 pages.

Second compendium volume of the series. Includes a list of Australian Army recipients of honours and awards for the Vietnam War, and provides the complete recommendations for every award for both gallantry and meritorious service, from the Victoria Cross to the Mentioned in Despatches.


SUTTON, Ross (compiler) – Australian Awards Vietnam 1962-1991

Ross Sutton, Summer Hill NSW, 1992

ISBN: 0646083805

127 pages.

A record of those Australian Servicemen, including RAR members, who were awarded British and Foreign Awards for service in South Vietnam.


                                                                                    PEACE KEEPING & PEACE MAKING OPERATIONS

(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)



PALMER, Alexander M – Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers

Military Minded, Mossman Park WA, 1996

ISBN: 0646239775

48 pages of plates, illustrations;180 pages.

Comprehensive record of members of the Australian Army who have

been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal, the Australian

Service Medal and the Commonwealth Monitoring Force Rhodesia

Medal from 1975 to April 1996. For specified deployments Includes lots of group photos and a biographical roll of service personnel 1975-1996.




IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing



Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing



Nil entry




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)



Nil Entry