Opinion – LNP chases vets’ votes

UNLIKE every other Australian state, Queensland does not yet have a dedicated minister for veterans’ affairs. It does have a Veterans Advisory Council
Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls recently announced that the LNP, if elected, would create such a ministry.
While veterans’ affairs remain predominantly a Federal Government responsibility, creating a state-based veterans’ department can enhance the benefits available to veterans once they have exited military service.
Approximately 21,000 or 27 per cent of all ADF personnel are based in Queensland and there are almost 50,000 identified veterans living here.
Politicians should be cautious about assuming how veterans might vote.  The fundamental requirement is not to attract votes but to address the present and future needs of those who elect to settle in Queensland after their military service.

Whichever party can best address those needs could have a slight advantage in communities where veterans’ votes can be mobilised.

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