ADF Pay (Workplace Remuneration Arrangement) 2017 Update

The WRA triennial process to determine ADF pay increases for 2017 -2020 is essentially on track and proceeding as expected. DFWA provides this Update:

• It is currently at the CDF/Minister stage, so no specific details are available yet.
• We understand the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal (DFRT) will be given a progress report later in June.
• The ADF will be conducting a number of ‘roadshows’ to all major military establishments, most probably in July, to advise as many ADF members as possible details of the proposed Arrangement and give them an opportunity to comment.
• The intent is to have the DFRT consider the Arrangement prior to the expiry date of the current WRA (November 2017), with a view to having a seamless transition from the current WRA to the new WRA.

In general, the process to be followed is that the Minister for Defence will need to agree to any proposed pay offer in conjunction with the Minister for Employment, and of course the Department of Finance are involved as well.

Following the consultation phase a final decision on the nature of the Arrangement will be developed in preparation for the DFRT to consider.

DFWA as an intervener in the process,  is taking a keen interest as this matter progresses, and will continue to monitor it closely especially when the actual proposal is released.

ADF members will recall DFWA’s involvement in the development of the current WRA when it was able to provide compelling evidence to both the Government and the Tribunal of members’ dissatisfaction with the (then) offer. This resulted in reconsideration of the quantum to a higher percentage and removal of the requirement to offset it with other conditions of service.”


  1. A.D.F. pay rates should be much more superior to A.R.A. ( N.S.) July 1969 – $68 per. Fortnight. Half of myvcevillian Carpenter’s Pay ! Mind you I went from grade 4 to grade 8 within 8 Months​. Cheers, john f. Weeks.

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