The new Remembrance House, purchased by VVAA Queensland Branch has now been fully opened and is a magnificent reminder of the hardships that our veteran fore bearers dealt with and also a lasting reminder to their courage and sacrifice that we as Australians should never forget. It is a continuing and ongoing tribute to Vietnam veterans and to those military veterans who serve this country at present.

Funding for this project was a gift to the VVAA Queensland Branch from the Digger’s Association of their building in South Brisbane. Unfortunately, because of the location, lack of parking for visitors and the general dilapidation of the building it was considered unsuitable for our future use, and following consultation with our members it was decided to sell the building and purchase elsewhere.

The name Remembrance House has been continued as a mark of our respect for the original founders, The Diggers Association, and as a thank you for their services and their wonderful gift.

The new Remembrance House is situated at 61 – 67 Progress Road, Burpengary, Queensland, 4505 down a quiet and tree laden Court and set on several acres which has been selectively cleared to give a broad outlook to the vista, and supply a peaceful and serene setting for our veterans and friends to visit.

Remembrance House is open Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1300 hours, with a special activity function on the third Friday of each month. All veterans, their partners and visitors are welcome to visit, meet old friends, or just partake of the friendly atmosphere that this wonderful area exudes. Presently there is parking for short term caravans, and the association is still looking at emergency type accommodation and will advise their decision in due course.

The house is manned by Pensions and Welfare Officers, and they are available to assist you if you require assistance. Their direct line is (07) 3888.7001. The General Administration staff can assist on a variety of matters, and they may be contacted on (07) 3888.6004. Generally, these officers are very busy and we request your patience in any dealings with them.

The grounds are quite extensive and allow for quiet walks amongst the trees and creek and various small lagoons that abound the property. For the wild life followers you will not be disappointed. Your PTT Editor has spied four types of wild ducks, kookaburras nesting in the trees, several koalas amongst the gum trees; ring tailed possums, water lizards, and the usual array of wildlife seen generally in the bush type area. Truly a remarkable spot to walk around in the peace and quiet, rest and be lost in your own thoughts or explore to your hearts content amongst the flora and fauna.

Remembrance House is for all veterans and its purpose is to provide a restful and peaceful building and surrounds for the enjoyment and comradeship of all walks of allied veterans. The name Remembrance is synonymous to all military veterans. We remember our mates, we remember our fallen, and we remember our service.

Click Here for Our photos:   The old Remembrance House in Brisbane.  The lagoons, driveway, and grounds at the new Remembrance House.  The World War One wheel chair from Remembrance House.  The hallway entrance at Remembrance House.

What more fitting name our fore bearers thought of when the original house was opened. Let us trust that we may continue the name, the goodwill, and instil in our grandchildren the legacies we have fought and died for.


Post Script.  The original Remembrance House was sold to a Sydney corporation early in 2012 and since that time has sat vacant awaiting their re-development and or repair. The Council gave their approval just recently for the refurbishment, but before the workmen moved in the building was completely destroyed by fire.  We believe that a young 15 year old has been charged with arson. His actions were picked up by the surveillance cameras at the museum just across the road from the building. During the height of the blaze one eye witness account said it appeared that the old diggers were dancing in the flames in anger. Let’s hope by re-officiating Remembrance House at Burpengary, they may once again rest in peace.

Story and photographs by Peter Farrelly (VVAA Brisbane North)

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